Monday, August 8, 2011

Shop Preview: Bits and Pieces

I really enjoy finding vintage shoes/bags/accessories more than the clothes (if you can believe it!). I guess it's partially because accessories and bags can "fit" anyone, so I can try them on for size while they wait to be purchased. :) The best vintage clothes are so tiny! Recently we have found some larger pieces, including a gorgeous metallic grecian-like maxi dress (below).

We've got it all, from floral to tribal...coming up this week!  As always, if you see anything you like, we can reserve it for you in advance:  just ask!



  1. I love that dress in the upper left! What size is it? All of these finds are gorge!

  2. Hey you! The top left (bright blue and green print?) is a's pretty long, so might work as a mini (mini) dress on you. It's a size 10 vintage, which would be more like a 6 modern, so it might work. You can try it on this week!



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