Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Outfit Post: Cat Lady

I bet you are dying to see the outfit that I have so lovingly titled:  "Cat Lady."  I bet you are picturing an oversized granny dress and those slide-on slippers.  Or maybe those sweat pants with the elastic at the hem paired with a giant flannel shirt?
I won't lie...I actually don't even like cats all that much (don't hate me!).  I did however wear this outfit to go to my in-laws' home to check in on their cats while they are away.  This translates to:  I paced around the house with Lyla (my 7 month old...click here to meet her and Amanda's baby, Aurora) while my husband fed the cats and changed their litter boxes.  That's about all we did this weekend...so it was my only excuse to really get dressed.  And I am totally okay with that!

No sweat pants or slippers were involved but I totally could see this on a cat lady out and about-- the long sweater (which I once got made fun of behind my back by a co-worker for wearing excessively...I believe her words were something like "it's not even cute.") and the button up shirt accessorized with a brooch.  I spiced it up a bit with the mini skirt and cinched waist (confession:  I just recently learned how to spell that word.  All these years I've been spelling it "sinched" and wondering why my spell check didn't recognize it!).  Then I got all cat lady-ish again with the practical flat shoes.  My real excuse is that I am dressing for mom duty!

sweater- Banana Republic, sleeveless peach button up-vintage,  brooch and belt- vintage, 
skirt- American Apparel (via discount store), flats- vintage, cocktail ring- Forever 21

I actually was quite happy with this outfit!  It was raining a bit that day and I was glad to be able to do a bit of layering.  The shoes were the one downfall.  If I could've chosen ANY shoe I wanted (for instance, if I actually had money to buy new shoes...or if I could magically walk around perfectly in heels while carrying a squirmy baby on my hip) I would have chosen something like this:

A bit much for taking care of cats I suppose...



  1. You look gorgeous...and you never told me about that behind-your-back comment! Pure jealousy over your hotness, mama. :)


  2. Those shoes are so cute! They seem cat friendly. The fringe is like a built in cat toy, haha.

    Can't believe your co-worker said that about your sweater! I think it's adorable!

  3. I love the sweater. I think your coworker is just jealous at how good it looks on you.

  4. I can't BELIEVE someone would make a comment like that...seriously?!! I agree, the only motivation there was jealousy. Wow. I'm sure the cats thought you were stunning, though, as do I! ;)

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