Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Outfit Post: Pumpkin is the New Mustard

I am beyond ecstatic that fall is just around the corner. I'm tired of sweating, tired of mosquito bites, tired of not being able to wear some of my favorite clothes (boots and tights and blazers and cozy cardigans).  I found this perfect skirt while thrifting--the belt was included. It's 100% cotton and the most perfect shade of pumpkin orange.  It will be great for fall with some lace up wedges or even boots.  The shape is similar to the red skirt I wore last week, but it's a little bit longer, which I love.

For the hotter-than-hot Sunday that we took a daytrip to Richmond, I wore it with a little tie strap tank and some sandals.  (Also, notice my hair: the bangs are finally growing out and I did a modified version of the no-heat curls that are all the rage on Pinterest/bloggers right now.  I hate to be trendy, but damn, do they work! And they're so easy!)

tank-thrifted, skirt-vintage/thrifted, wedges-Nine West (thrifted), layered necklace-f21 (old), bangle-random
We happened to decide to try out Richmond on the day of their Watermelon Festival.  It sounds like a great fortune, but really, it was just loud, and crowded, and we didn't get to do the things we wanted to.  There are some great vegan places we couldn't find and I lost my list of thrift spots.  It was so hot that we basically went into the first restaurant we came to, which had only one vegan menu item and was unfortunately way overpriced.

We really liked the area, though, and hope to do another daytrip in the fall.  Maybe I'll even wear this skirt again...

So anyway, I'm calling it right here, right now:  mustard has been all the rage the past few years, and I still love it, but pumpkin is going to be this fall's hot new color.  If only because I say so. ;)



  1. You look so beautiful here! Really and truly. Can't wait for fall either.

  2. I am so on board with pumpkin being the new mustard. LOVE this color and love this skirt - what a great find!

    Hopefully you'll get to revisit Richmond in the fall with this pretty skirt & we can all see how you style it for autumn. Win win. :)

  3. I CAN'T WAIT FOR FALL EITHER! I want to cut my hair, get bangs, wear boots and sweaters, drink pumpkin lattes, eat apple pie, go to fall festivals and on hay rides.

    No more mosquitos and bad hair days.

  4. I'd never be able to do no-heat curls with my thick long hair. I can hardly curl my hair with heat! haha. You look lovely. I think that skirt is wonderful!!! Nice job!



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