Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vintage at the Office: Outfits Under $100

I realize that Mad Men actually takes place in the 60s, and so the outfits the girls wear at the time are "modern" for them, even though they're considered vintage to us...but watching an episode (just saw the pilot! I am behind in the times! Even though Jon Hamm is one of my very top actor crushes, alongside Ryan Gosling and Clive Owen) got me thinking about how to wear vintage to the office.  I don't work in an office anymore--something I'm kind of glad about--but should I re-enter the more traditional workforce, I wouldn't want to sacrifice my style.

Here are three outfits from the shop, under $100 total, that I think you could pull off in almost any office!

Dress: $27
Scarf: $10
Shoes: $48
Glasses: $15
TOTAL: $100

Top: $28
Skirt: $18
Shoes: $33
Bag: $15

TOTAL: $94

Dress: $28
Bag: $29
Shoes: $36
TOTAL:  $93

There you have it.  Cheap and chic: our favorite adjectives!  Which outfit would you rock? Let us know in the comments!


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