Friday, August 12, 2011

Outfit Post: Modern Housewife

The print of this vintage top caught my eye at the thrift this week...I looked closer to see adorable buttons and POCKETS.  I looked even closer, and noticed the print wasn't random little dots, but fruit(!): apples, blueberries, and pears. So sweet! Literally.  Although it may go into the shop one fine day, it's mine for day.

The weather is finally cool enough for pants!  Which is fortunate, since my bike accident has left me with the most disgusting bruised and scraped legs, on top of about ten bug bites.  I also can't shave some of the scrapes, so you can imagine--it's a war zone. I'm hoping they clear up in the next few days for the beach!

I felt super cute in this outfit...even with my high platform wedges, the jeans are still pretty long, so I might have them hemmed an inch or so (thanks in advance, sis!) come fall.

headscarf-vintage, top-vintage, belt-H&M, jeans-Gap, shoes-Blowfish
The beach is so close, I can taste it!  I'm hoping to get in a couple blog updates while we're there (depending on the internet status), but I'm mostly hoping to unplug and relax!

Have a fantastic weekend, loves!



  1. This is adorable. I love your hair like this!

  2. Love love love the print on that shirt! Also ditto on the cute hair!

  3. Look at you hot Mama!! Miss you!!

  4. What a sweet little print!

    This outfit gives you the most GORGEOUS silhouette.

    I tried the scarf thing after your last post about it but keep forgetting to post the pic. It's so cute; if only I could get it to stay in place all day!

  5. Thank you, lovely lovely ladies!

    @Jen It helps to have a silk scarf. They stay in place a lot longer than my polyester ones, which I have to keep re-tying!!! You might also be able to bobby pin it to stay...though I haven't tried that yet. <3

  6. I LOVE YOU IN THIS OUTFIT! I saw you in it first! Hehe. You look so beautiful and fabulous!



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