Monday, August 13, 2012

A Little Adventure + Shop Preview

As you may know, Amanda and I live in different states (her in Virginia, me in Pennsylvania).  The three and half hour drive isn't too bad, and we usually get to see each other once a month.  But the summer has been busy and weekends have been filling up fast.  We hadn't visited since June and our next planned get together isn't till Labor Day so, on a whim, we planned a day trip.  And by 'on a whim' I mean, I found out my mom was off work the next day, immediately called Amanda, and the next morning we each hopped in our respective cars and met in Chambersburg, PA--our halfway point.  I almost didn't want to even mention our meeting spot here, because WOW...was it a thrifting gem!!  In our short visit and minimal exploring, we visited three thrift stores and saw two others that we didn't get to check out (next time!).   Here are some photos (mostly of our cute girlies) from our visit....

And a little preview of some of our finds...these bags will all be added to the shop this week!

Thanks for letting us share our little adventure with you.  Happy Monday!



  1. Aw, so fun! I'm totally tagging along on the next trip there.

  2. Hm, had no idea that Chambersburg was halfway! Our halfway point is usually Bedford. Sounds like such a fun day! Makes me miss my mommy and sister!

  3. adorable, ladies!! I wish I knew where that town was. I am not too far from PA, being in NJ . . .but I'd fear going broke hehe.



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