Friday, August 10, 2012

Modern Vintage: Whites

Has this time really already come?  Am I really going to start talking about how summer is coming to a close and it's time to start looking at what to buy for your fall wardrobe?  I refuse to believe that summer is ending.  But for those of you who do, I will call this "one last hurrah:  summer whites".  I know that the old fashioned rule about 'no white after labor day' is no longer valid but here are some pieces that you might want to get your hands on before the summer ends (like....a really long time from now).  A piece inspired by each of the last 5 decades.

1950's- full skirt
1970's- another eyelet blouse, this one with buttons and a high collar
1990's- mesh tunic (think Gwen Stefani in the early days of No Doubt)

These are all pieces that I would dream of finding original (vintage) versions of, on a thrifting adventure.  But these modern copies are all under $50 (and are most likely available in any size you may need)!


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