Thursday, August 9, 2012

Splurge vs. Steal of the Day: Animal Print Maxi Skirt

This week I had one of those "thank God I'm not the only one" conversations via Twitter (with the lovely @LoLaVintage). I thought maybe I was the laziest woman in the world because some days, I look down and see my legs are prickly or downright hairy, and it's too hot outside for pants, so I find a maxi dress or skirt and throw it on rather than get in the shower and shave. Sometimes, I even wear a maxi two days in a row.

 I pretty much agree with this flow chart as a guide:

Basically, every woman needs a maxi of some sort in her closet for those days.  Here are two super fun animal print version...a splurge and a Miskabelle super steal:

I actually think the bright patchwork-like pattern on the vintage version is more fun, and because the skirt is slightly narrow, it might be more flattering. If you're a size small to medium, go snag it!

And then that leg hair run least for another day or two.



  1. so darn funny! thank you for sharing! I'll share the link too. :)

    1. Thanks so much--you are an inspiration!! ha.



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