Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Celebrity Looks for Less: Kate and Katie

I will be the first to admit that I am so thrilled to hear about Katie Holmes divorcing Crazypants Cruise. She will always be Joey Potter to me, and she deserves her own Pacey (even if it's not the real Pacey, who seems truly smitten with Diane Kruger. Sigh.).  As for Kate Bosworth, how she would ever let Alexander Skaarsgard go is beyond me (though her new guy is not so bad-looking either).  And can you tell that reading celeb gossip is one of my guilty pleasures?  I confess: I start the day with my coffee and

Of course, while reading the gossip, I can't help but notice the fashion.  Our Miskabelle items can help you get these celebrity looks for less! (Famous boyfriend/husband not included.)

Katie Holmes
(I realize we featured her last week too, but she's got such good casual style!)
This is a great early fall outfit (Is it really that cool in New York city that she can already do pants and long sleeves together?).  You can roll the shirt sleeves for a more relaxed look. Add your favorite sunnies and some walking shoes--I'd prefer a nice, chunky boot, but it looks like Katie has on some sneakers here.

Kate Bosworth
This is how to keep cool and look good: a breezy floral dress accented with a belt and some cute nude sandals.  Add a saddle bag (we have a great Dooney and Bourke one here!) and be sure to wear sunscreen!

All these looks are in the shop now (and under $100 head to toe)...but get them fast because this month, our inventory is selling out fast! And we're so thankful for that.


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