Monday, March 19, 2012

Shop Preview: Florals for Spring

When it comes to vintage, there is nothing I love more than a pretty floral dress.  We've got quite a few coming to the shop this week, mostly from the 90s (which, duh, I LOVE).  I'm pretty crazy about this new 90s trend (ex. floral dress paired with Doc Marten boots).  What sort of scares me about it is that the 1990s was the decade I grew up in, so if I rock this trend am I going to look like I'm stuck in a time warp?.....because I don't want to be that woman who looks like she can't let go of her high school years (like the women I'd make fun of when I was growing up in the 90s, that were still wearing their big 80s hair and tapered jeans).  ANYWAY.  For those of you who are already confident in this trend, here are some of dresses you might be interested in:

(1- 90s cotton short sleeved dress, 70s billowy floral dress, 90s rayon maxi dress, 90s boxy dress)

I also recently came across what I like to call "sister dresses."  You fellow-thrifters know what I'm talking about.  Two dresses that are very similar and most likely belonged to the same owner.  These two are the same brand and style but different prints and different sizes (one is a small, the other a medium).
Are you brave enough (or young enough...) to be part of the 90s trend?   If so, one of these dresses should be yours!


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