Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Outfit Post: Bye Bye Boots

It's no secret that I am a die hard boot wearer.  My vintage cowboy boots and my fringe-y Minnetonka booties are are my go-to shoes of choice.  And I love how they look with dresses and skirts...but they aren't very practical for warm weather (I mean....there's suffering for fashion and then there's sweating, smelly feet.  Which aren't cute.).  So when I came across the sandal version of my favorite Minnetonka boots I HAD to have them!  (TJMaxx for the win!)

plaid shirt: vintage, dress: H&M (last year), sandals: Minnetonka

I actually had this plaid shirt in my "get rid of" pile because it had breast pockets that were oversized and placed kind of low on the shirt (which gave the appearance of well, to put it bluntly, saggy boobs).  But I  saw it laying there and liked how the colors mimicked the dress I was wearing.  So I ripped off the pockets and threw it on!  Definitely a keeper now.  

Okay, so the next photo is questionable.  I have seen the shirt-around-the-waist thing done a lot lately and I think it's kinda cool.  Not sure it works with this outfit (because the empire waistline of the dress) but I'm not opposed to trying it again...

I have a feeling I will be looking at these photos a week or so from now and saying "Remember last week when I was wearing a skimpy dress and sandals?  And now it's snowing!"  Until then, I will be wearing these sandals on the daily.


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  1. Those sandals are gorgeous! I love them and they look so cute on you specially on your outfit.

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