Friday, March 16, 2012

Outfit Post: Ketchup and Mustard Redux

We went straight from winter to summer here in VA (it was 85 degrees yesterday). I don't want jinx it, but that was a little too warm. And I am in need of a good sunless tanner and a pedicure. I felt weird in sandals and a sundress in March, so this was the compromise, my much-loved mustard skirt and some other basics. I'm also modeling this great 70s (vegan) red carry on bag as a's on sale in the shop now for a steal!

Details:  tank-Target (best basic tanks!), belt-vintage, skirt-vintage, boots-thrifted, scarf-random, bag-Miskabelle

I have been looking for a pair of low boots to wear with spring and summer dresses, and I adore these ones. Now I am on the hunt for some medium heel/wedge sandals. Almost all of mine are too high for comfort or are too flat and make me feel frumpy. So that's the top of my shopping list now-- what's on yours?



  1. I love this mustard and red combo and I LOVE it with your light hair! :) Gorgeous!

  2. Tha k you so much, Shelagh! I love that you still read this indulgent little blog of ours...but I wish you had a blog! I miss reading you and knowing what's happening in your grown-up life!



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