Thursday, March 15, 2012


Well, here we are. a month past my birthday and Q and I are steadily chipping away at the studio.  When you don't have 24 hours a day to work on it, you get in what you can when you can. We've had several late nights and busy nap times, but the biggest work is DONE!  Here is a sneak peek--you can see the wall color, a bit of the flooring and the upcycled light fixture...hoping to have everything complete by the end of March!

Patching walls and ripping out creeeeepy do I look with that mask?
Paint is just about done!  Peek:  look at the pretty blue light on the ceiling!
Paint is done!  Now, laying the floors.  Not a ton of fun on cold concrete.

So that is where we are! I am getting so excited to have a space to call my own, for business and writing and  music practice.  It seriously makes a difference, having a "room of your own."



  1. How exciting! Can't wait to see it all finished! :)

  2. Oh, God, no...please don't kill me by spackle!! lol

    In love with that light fixture.

  3. Thank you pretty ladies! We finished the floor last night and today we add the trim...from there, it's all fun stuff, decorating, etc. And no more masks, thank goodness. :)



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