Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sponsored Post: Special Event Style

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 I have a little obsession with my hair. It has been changing color the past few months, and I am trying to grow it out. I went from blunt bangs to sideswept bangs and now am even considering possibly growing them out (though we all know how long that will last). But I'm most happy about my current length, which allows me to have a lot of fun with different hairstyles. There have been a lot of inspiration posts around the internet/blogs about spring hairstyles, especially braids. I found this easy and simple braid, and I have been wearing my hair like this every other day:

It looks complex (which I love) and so pretty, but it's simple!  All you do is 1)create pigtail braids, 2) pull the braids to the back of your head in a knot and 3)secure the braids and ends with bobby pins.  This hairstyle is also perfect for warmer weather when you want to do something a little fancier than a ponytail.

My hair is very thick, so I have a few special things I like to use when creating this hairstyle:

1.  Clear, non-damaging ponytail holders--like these ones.
2.  Volumizing hairspray. I love  Samy Fat Hair(a little more cost-effective option), though I also want to try this new John Frieda spray.
3.  Light colored bobby pins (to match my newly lightened hair!)

I wore my hair like this to a dinner/fundraiser and got lots of compliments--I'm sure you will too!


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  1. That's all you have to do?! I can do that! It does look more complex. And very pretty. Your new color shows it off well!



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