Friday, February 18, 2011

Outfit Post: Vintage Lovin' Sisters

These days I don't have much reason to get out of my pj's let alone get "dressed up" (for those of you who are new to the blog--I just had a baby in December and am now a stay at home mama.  You can read about those adventures here).  And while I do make an effort to at least change out of pj's each morning and into clothes that could be potentially worn in public...if I were to actually venture out into a public place...(which is a rare occasion as of late) those clothes usually consist of jeans and a sweater.  So I was super excited for Amanda to come visit this past weekend--a chance to see my sister and a chance to try out a pretty new vintage frock!

We were celebrating Aurora's (Amanda's baby gal) first birthday....and also dressed with the intention of having some shots for promotional purposes (we are super excited about a blog redesign...coming SOON!).  So yes, we did purposely wear outfits that kinda 'matched.'

Anyway...enough of the chit chat.  Let's check out the clothes....

Jayme's wearing:
vintage mustard dress (now for sale in our shop!)
vintage leather belt
vintage deco necklace (soon to be for sale)
brown tights
vintage burgundy boots (must admit--I had on flat brown boots for most of the day and after seeing the first photos I looked like a midget next to Manda so I changed into these boots from our collection--they are, unfortunately, dead boots--the inside is sticky and the heel cap crumbled they are not for sale and not really wearable other than for photos.  [by the way, this is the second pair of Zodiac brand boots we've found that were "dead"...both amazing and unique and unwearable.  What gives, Zodiac?)

Amanda's wearing:
vintage secretary blouse
vintage corduroy johnny collar jumper (soon to be for sale!)
leather belt
brown tights
Steve Madden platform clogs (a gift from moi!)

We had a pretty amazing haul of vintage goodies this weekend too-- it's always so much more fun to go thrifting as a team!  Kind of like a race to see who finds the best stuff.  And of course most of it then goes into the shop so our lovely customers can partake in our finds!  **New lovelies coming to the shop in the next few days!**


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