Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Outfit Post: Head to Toe, Under $10

I have a confession to make about my shopping habits:  I'm one of the cheapest people you'll ever meet.  Blame it on thrifting or growing up shopping in the clearance section, but there are very few items in my closet that I paid over $20 for (save the occasional pair of boots or an amazing dress or two).

You might make the assumption that my closet is full of cheap, holey junk:  but you would be wrong.  It's taken years to perfect the art of sale and thrift and vintage shopping, but now, I see it as a sort of gift I possess.  Well, more of a skill, since it's been cultivated (and I believe it can be taught! I'll share a few tips as we go.)  Here's my first thrifty and fabulous outfit, which I wore out to a friend's music show and a little "surprise" birthday celebration put together by my amazing husband (I don't say that lightly; he's the best).

dress-thrifted, tights-Target, belt-vintage, platform heels-Michael Kors via DSW, bracelets-gift from Jayme
me and my Love

So the working total of this outfit?

Dress--Thrifted (Old Navy) $3  (they were having a 50% off sale at my Goodwill on Valentine's Day! Score!)
Belt--Vintage (FREE-- in the shop here)
Tights-- Target  $4.99
Peeptoe Platforms-- (FREE with a gift card: originally $200!!!)  Michael Kors via DSW
Studded Bracelets-- Birthday gift from Jayme
TOTAL:   $7.99

But doesn't this outfit look like a million bucks? I felt great in it.  The heels were incredibly comfortable despite how they might look. I love how everything together, including my birthday (the last one of my 20s! yikes!).

More outfit posts including the GORGEOUS Jayme coming soon!  Thanks for reading, loves.



  1. You look so great! Way to be thrifty! :)

  2. Adorable!!! Love the belt! :-D



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