Saturday, February 19, 2011

Outfit Post: Fake Spring

It was 70 degrees here yesterday and I think it's only 40 degrees today.  There is always a tease in February, but just because I knew it was a tease, that didn't keep me from taking advantage of the beautiful weather. I had Q take a few outfit shots.

I love spring and fall the most for clothing choices:  summer is too hot and I hate shorts and baring a ton of skin is not something I'm really looking forward to.  I love spring for its bare arms (so my arm tattoo can come out from hiding!), dresses and cardigans for when it's cool in the evenings or morning, and cute heels and wedges.

Here is what I wore yesterday:

top-thrifted H&M, skirt-vintage, vest-vintage, shoes-Jessica Simpson, magnifying glass necklace-vintage

Q took a few closeups, and I love them.  I let my hair air dry and added the tiniest bit of product so the texture was great.  Plus:  red lips, my favorite.
 I tweeted the other day about fearing bare legs, since I am notorious for forgetting to shave my legs.  I did shave my legs, but what is hard to tell from this photo is that I'm wearing nude fishnets (by Spanx!  They are amazing!)  My legs are pasty and covered in various bruises and scratches  from chasing a one year old around, so the tights, however sheer, make me feel a little better about baring my gams.

I got this tattoo as a way to commemorate surviving my first year of grad school.  It's a stargazer lily, my favorite flower.  I looked into its representations before choosing it:  a sign of aspiration; wealth and prosperity.   It just felt right.  I met a wonderful artist at Jinx Proof Tattoos in Georgetown, and that was that.  I got my third tattoo there as well, and I'm planning another for this summer...stay tuned (unless you're Mom and Dad, then:  ignore this!).

Off to enjoy this beautiful Saturday--it's colder, but the sunshine will do.


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