Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dress Yourself in Etsy Vintage

I'm trying a new little feature on the blog...since I'm obsessed with Etsy shopping (window shopping mostly, since I would have to file for bankruptcy if I bought everything I wanted), I thought that maybe once a week I'd put together an outfit based 100% on Etsy pieces that I love.  Here's my first look--it's pretty girly, a little gothic/romantic, definitely a cute date night outfit.  What do you think?

pink sweater, allencompanyinc, $21

silhouette pin, victoriousyouth, $25

50s gabardine circle skirt, decades, $82

Bow Belt, AppleRedVintage, $16

suede high heel peep toe, omavintage, $52
Something really fun about this outfit is that the pieces are pulled from so many different decades:  the skirt is 50s, belt is 60s, heels are 70s and sweater is 80s.  Yet it all goes together!  More proof that with clothing styles, what goes around comes around.  That's why a lot of people also have trouble dating vintage Etsy items unless they are clearly labeled. Some pieces are so classic they could fit in most decades.  These are the pieces I'm trying to collect for my own wardrobe (some great knee high boots, a pair of amazing heels, a full or pencil black skirt, strappy sandals, a trench coat, a bomber jacket, a floral dress, a plaid button up).  What are your vintage must-haves?



  1. Right now I am looking for something with lace, olive green pants, and some peachy pink accessories for my own wardrobe. I'd really love for them all to be vintage :-)

    Super sweet outfit! :)

  2. Love it! For Spring I've been actively hunting down white Victorian petticoats, 70s wedged sandals(or a repro look like Danskos) and accessories w/ natural uncut stones. I'm pretty excited about the coming season.



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