Monday, June 17, 2013

Splurge vs. Steal: Shoes

The thing I love so much about shoes is that they can completely change an outfit.  Switch to glam heels from a pair of flats and you turn a LBD into something slightly more glamorous.  I have more shoes in my collection than I'd probably like to confess here, although I'm a HUGE sale shopper (and, of course, there's a healthy dose of thrift/vintage in there!).  Here are some pairs of vintage shoes in the shop that pair a strong resemblance to MUCH pricier designer ones:

All three pairs are in the shop now...go get 'em before they're gone! (And check out the rest of the shop while you're there...we've been stocking up on sundresses and pretty bags!)



  1. I love when you girls do posts like this! It's so helpful to see that as much as we covet those on the left, we can be equally happy with the vintage on the right!

    1. I'm glad you see what we're trying to do here! ;) So many newer styles are just knockoffs of vintage styles, so it pays to shop around first! I get so excited when I find these similarities!



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