Thursday, May 30, 2013

Shop Preview: This n' That

I have been making a regular practice of visiting my favorite thrift one day a week, the same day every week. I have figured out this a day they re-stock, and I have found many gems since beginning on this structured road. Of course, I still have my random stops at small places, which occasionally yield treasures, but the one-day-a-week thrift that I call "work" has really been paying off lately.  Here are some things coming to the shop in the next week:

Column 1:  1970s does 1950s Lanz Heart Print Sundress (Medium) /// 1970s Sears Zip and Dash Housedress (XL) /// 1960s Rayon Ruffle Polka Dot Maxi Skirt (Medium to Large)
Column 2:  1950s Umbrella Print Cotton Blouse (Large) /// 1950s Floral Print cotton Blouse (Large) /// 1980s does 1950s Roses Circle Skirt (Medium to Large)
Column 1:  1980s Perfect Gray Sweatshirt (Extra Small to Medium) /// 1970s Burnt Orange Button Sweater (Medium to Large) /// 1980s Tribal Floral Print Cotton Shorts (Medium to Large)
Column 2:  1990s Blush Rayon Maxi Skirt (Small to Medium) ///
1980s Pearl Embellished Denim Vest (Small to Large)

If you see something you might be interested in, convo/email/comment below, and we can get you more details or FIRST DIBS!  May has been a great selling month for us, as we've been working hard to ship quickly and keep the shop stocked with cool things.


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