Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Holiday Weekend

Memorial Day weekend flew by!  It kind of felt like there wasn't enough time in the the day to do everything we wanted to do or see everyone we wanted to see.  I'm just glad that June is almost here and we can start soaking in the summer.  Here are a couple of photos from our weekend (I am seriously disappointed with my lack of picture taking.  It was hard to find a couple of decent ones from my batch!).
At the local Memorial Day festival (Amanda's baby belly is the cutest!).

Yes, this is the best picture of them together I had from that day (sigh...silly toddlers).

Amanda at her alma mater, visiting so the girls could see the duck pond!.

Our little ladies.

Parade watching.

Carnival fun!

Random mix of pics, huh?  I suppose when there aren't many photos being taken it's because you're having too much fun.  Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend too!


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