Tuesday, May 28, 2013

From the Shop: Tropical Rockabilly

I'm in the wistful stage of pregnancy, where I'm already starting to lament over the loss of my waist and my favorite 50s summer dresses in my closet that are going to be ignored this year. There are some real beauties in the shop too--I was inspired by a sweet look on Pinterest to create this outfit from the shop (and couldn't resist throwing in my favorite "cheap" red lips--which I can wear no matter how big my belly is!):

Inspired by: Nikki Napalm (image via Pinterest):  

Just practice your victory rolls (my favorite tutorial HERE), and add your favorite tropical flower behind the ear! An easy and sweet pinup look perfect for hot weather.

Hope you all had a lovely long Memorial Day weekend! We spent some fun time together--unfortunately, we didn't take very many photos.  Thank you to everyone who picked up new duds from the shop this weekend--we are excited to send out a huge pile of packages this week!


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