Friday, May 31, 2013

Outfit Post: 24 Weeks + Recap

6 months along...we are over halfway, it is almost June, and I can hardly believe it! I am feeling pretty good (other than dealing with the heat--but I suppose I better get used to it). The real planning and dreaming has begun.

I found this dress while thrifting, and I thought it would go in the shop, since it's pretty large, but it has some small tears that I couldn't repair very well...and guess what? When I added a belt, and did a quick/rough sewing job, it became the perfect maternity day dress!  We took these pics before heading to our sure-to-be new favorite spot--the splash pad area at our new shopping district. I picked up a salad and brought some snacks and Q and I camped out while Aurora (who really wanted her picture in her new "babing suit") ran through the fountains. It was a perfect evening.

 Outfit details:  dress-vintage, belt-vintage, sandals-vintage

Also, notice the curliness of my hair. I had tried no-heat curls a time or two last summer, but my hair was a little short, and I wrapped them too tight or something.  Now that my hair is longer, I can get 2 or 3 days of not washing my hair and looking like I put a ton of time into styling it--which is key for a pregnant mama on the go.

The 24 Week Rundown 
Baby Size:  A rutabaga--I can honestly say I have no clue how big that is.
Feeling: I am getting the nesting bug every so often--some days I can't stop doing laundry or organizing (Q is lovin' it, I think!). But my lower back and hips have been bothering me at night, so that, paired with the heat, has not been making for a good night's sleep.
Weight gain: I am up 2 pounds since my last doctor's appointment, and officially in the "gaining" zone, after losing 8 or 9 pounds during the first trimester.
Cravings/Aversions:  Butterfingers (still). Coffee and coffee ice cream. Loaded salads.
Preparations:  We spent this weekend in PA with the family--I had a bunch of stuff stored in my parents' basement from Aurora, which we brought home: infant carseat, Bumbo chair, some clothes...we're really having another baby! It's finally setting in.  And, of course, I pick up a little outfit (or two) at the thrift every week because I can't resist.

Happy Friday! We have a busy weekend ahead, including Aurora's first dance recital and an end-of-the-year soccer pool party (our last one with the big girls...quite bittersweet for Coach Dad).



  1. You look great! I love the dress! I also want to say if you have an old Bumbo without straps they are considered a safety hazard now, but you can go to their website and order a Bumbo seat repair kit totally free. Also check your car seat model to make sure there isn't a recall on it either. And did you know car seats have expiration dates on the bottom? Doesn't mean you have to get a new one, just means that there could be a upgraded version available and to use your best judgement.

  2. Thank you, sweet friend! So good to "see" you here.

    Theyhave a new cover w/ belt for the old Bumbo as well, so I ordered that. I only ever left it on the floor when I was in the same room, and never really used it until Aurora was bigger and able to climb out herself.

    I haven't checked my infant carseat, but Aurora just turned 3, and we only used it a few months, so I think we are okay. Once baby is bigger, we'll get another adaptable one, like Aurora's. :) Thanks for the updates! I'm not good at keeping up with those both feels like forever and not that long ago that Aurora was a baby!

  3. My twins just turned five (eep!) I only learned about these things recently when I finally decided to purge the house of their baby items, it's so hard to let go of things that physically connect to their baby days, it went so fast!

    It's been very difficult to be online and keep in touch, but when I do get online it is so nice to read about the wonderful happenings currently in your life. Maybe we can meet up this summer again if we both can manage to find the time!



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