Monday, June 3, 2013

Outfit Post: Gingham Girl

I have been loving this hot, hot weather!  Summer is definitely my favorite time of year.  My uniform as of late has been cut off shorts and ribbed tanks, but I was excited to try out this black and white gingham halter top Amanda thrifted for me (it is United Colors of Benetton, circa the 90' I guess it can be considered "vintage").  I had pinned this look before she even gave me the top, but this go around I just stuck with a simple black skirt  (mainly because I didn't have a printed one that worked well).  To add interest I did hot pink lips and a giant hot pink bangle.  While I felt pretty put together/well styled, seeing the photos I was rather unimpressed!  Maybe with better shoes?  Like these floral print ones (to get the mixed prints in there) or these hot pink ones to make my lipstick and bracelet really pop...?  In other words, my shoe choice ruined my outfit.  Oh well, we live and blog and learn!

halter top: vintage United Colors of Benetton, skirt: an American Apparel knock-off from Target, sandals: super old from Ross..., bracelet: a gift from a friend

We spent our weekend planting flowers, cleaning off our patio, and setting up the table and chairs so we can start doing dinner al fresco every night!  ...and honestly, I'll probably be bare foot from now until September (except of course, when I need to blog outfit pictures!).
I love you, summer!



  1. I have often felt that same disappointment, like the photo just totally washed out all my efforts...seems like I have to almost overdo an outfit and accessories sometimes just to make it pop, when in real life it might be a bit much. But you look ah-mazing!! And very well put-together. I used to have a very similar shirt in my wardrobe, but it was a cropped button-up with a collar...I think I might've sent it off to Goodwill a few years ago, thinking it was out of style and I'd never wear it again...CURSES!! Can't tell you how many things I've given away from the 90s thinking that I'd never want to wear it again, and now I want it all back!!

    What is the lipstick you're wearing? I love it.

  2. You are such a dear....<3 Yes yes yes....I honestly wish I could have back so many clothing items from my middle school and high school wardrobe! I suppose we can always turn to Good Will and search through other peoples old 90's duds. ; )
    The lipstick is just a Wet & Wild brand cheapy one! I don't think it even has a cute name....just a number-- 511B I think? I wasn't sure how I'd like the hot pink so I didn't want to commit to anything too pricey. I do love it though!



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