Thursday, April 4, 2013

Outfit Post: Hat Lady

Lately I have been really trying to define my style and pinpoint what I think is me...mostly in my brain and via Pinterest (because honestly, it is STILL cold and I just can't bear to give up my heavy sweaters and sweat pants most days).  I like basics + cool accessories, and an awesome hat is the perfect topper to spice up any boring outfit.  Amanda gave me this vintage wide brim hat when I visited her this past weekend, without even knowing that I have been coveting a similar style hat for a while now.  It is perfect!  Here's how I wore it...

hat: vintage, bag: vintage Coach (for sale in the shop!), sweater: vintage,
 scarf: Walmart, belt: vintage, black jeans: Gap, boots: Minnetonka

Lyla in her daddy's hat and hand-me-down everything else...and looking cute as could be!

Andrew called this an "Indiana Jones hat" and Lyla called it a "cowboy hat."  I suppose they're both sort of right?  Either way, I felt great wearing it and can't wait to style it up with a dress once the weather decides to stop being so mean to us!



  1. Uh, can I have one of those hats? Perty please!

    1. Isn't it perfect? Amanda always find the BEST stuff when she's thrifting!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you!! I am lucky I have a generous sister that shares her thrift finds with me! ; )



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