Friday, April 5, 2013

Etsy Window Shopping: Vintage Sandals Under $20

I am currently on a pretty strict/tight budget (more on that in a later blog...), so I take pleasure in window shopping to find super deals...and bring the best deals to you!  This week I was dreaming of bare, polished toes, so I did some sandal research. There are tons of cute sandals for under $20 in every style you can imagine.  Here are some of my favorites that I think you'll love too!

1. 70s  Flat Buckle Leather Sandals, $20 ///  2. 70s  Maroon Suede Wedges, $15.50
3.  70s Wooden Heel Sandals w/ Leather and Mesh, $16 ///  4. 80s Classic Wood Heel Mules, $15
5. 60s Multicolor Mod Sandals, $19 /// 6. 60s Mod Green Sandals w/ Block Heel, $16
7. 70s Strappy Gold Wedges, $19 /// 8. 80s Metallic Fish Sandals w/ Mesh, $18

Which pair is your favorite?  Go snag them fast, if they're your size!  I had saved a ton of sandals in my favorites last night, and 3 or 4 pairs sold before I even wrote this blog! ;)

Happy Friday, friends! And sweet Spring sandal dreams.



  1. Cute spring sandals at great prices! Love etsy!

    1. Glad you like them...and yes, we obviously LOOOOOVE Etsy too! (even though it can be addicting!)



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