Monday, January 28, 2013

Outfit Post: I Want a Girl With A...

...short skirt and a long jacket (Cake, anyone?).
This long camel coat is actually a piece from the shop.  I am so surprised no one snatched it up yet, and decided I might as well take it for a test run!  I wasn't sure about the length on me (I am pretty short) but man, was it cozy having that extra bit of leg covered!

coat: Miskabelle Vintage, sweater: vintage (it was my mom's!),
 jeans: BDG, boots: vintage, bag: Lucky Brand

 I will say, the snow is awfully pretty.   And check out those little foot prints behind me in the last photo-- looks like we had some deer prancing through our yard!  This week I'm starting Valentine's Day prep-- Lyla and I are going to make some decorations (I'm thinking paper doilies and construction paper, like when I was a kid!) and Amanda and I are prepping some pretty cool stuff for February blog posts.  Trying to make some fun come from being stuck indoors!



  1. oh girl, now that song is going to be stuck in my head all day!!

    and you are stunning! love that soft camel color and the boots.

    1. It was definitely in my head for a while after I wrote the post! Ha...sorry!
      Thank you for the lovely compliment. xo

  2. Adorable coat! It looks so warm--perfect for prancing around in the snow. :)



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