Friday, January 25, 2013

Now Channeling: Kate Hudson as "Penny Lane"

There aren't many movies that I actually OWN and am willing to watch multiple times, but Almost Famous is definitely in my top 5 favorites and every time I watch it, I find myself coveting Penny Lane's (played by Kate Hudson) 1970's groupie style and messy, curly locks.  I would totally rock any and all of her wardrobe...but most likely I'd add a bra.

Want to steal Penny's look?  Here are some Etsy vintage finds that will do the trick!
1.  fur coat with oversized collar (iconic!) via VeraVague
2.  lace cropped tank top (such a versatile piece) via DJVV
3. high waisted bell bottoms (CLASSIC) via TheVelvetMoon
4.  embroidered peasant top via Petrune
5.  suede mini skirt via 00VOL000
6.  lucite box purse (in the movie, she totally uses a tackle box 
as a purse... this is a little more wearable I think!)  via vintagenowandthen
7.  leather knee high boots (VERY "Penny") via twinheartsvintage
8.  round wire rim sunglasses via Raybanicos
9.  platform sandals via ManicVintage

Puts you in the mood to curl up and watch Almost Famous this weekend, huh?  Happy Friday!


  1. Nailed it! Love that peasant blouse.
    Thanks for including our jacket! Great finds.

  2. Your picks totally remind me of that fun movie!
    Thanks for including my lucite box/purse here!

  3. OMG! I cannot believe I have not watched that movie! Cool free style...I love the picks! Awesome blog by the way. Thank you for adding my Ray Bans :D

  4. Wow! Love how you captured the soul of Penny Lane here~ Thanks for including our platform sandals! Most excellent finds~

  5. I used to love this movie and had a love for Kate Hudson too and her outfits in it. Awesome job.
    I am so behind on your blog but adore the new layout!!



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