Monday, July 30, 2012

Shop Preview: Multiple Personalities

I have to say that my style has evolved into something (almost) cohesive, so that pieces in my closet slowly look like they belong to one person, not ten different grandmothers and a tween who spends her babysitting cash at Forever21.  But when I shop for vintage, I still have to keep my eye out for pieces that I know other people would love, even if they don't fit in my own wardrobe.

At Miskabelle Vintage, we try to have a little something for everyone in the shop, across decades and across personal styles, and while it's not always as perfectly curated as some shops, we take pride in being different and in our perfectly random collection of pretty things.  Here are some more great pieces, coming to the shop this week:

 ivory pleated midi skirt with navy butterflies / size medium
 burgundy disco dancing dress/ size small to medium
 red button back shell/ size medium to large

 1960s graphic print dress with ruffle collar/ size large

ivory collared sweater with scalloped sleeves and hem/ size medium to large
1960s Liberty print scooter dress (shorts underneath!)/ size small to medium
If you want to know more about any of these pieces and they aren't in the shop yet, just drop us a line, since our dear readers get first dibs on every shop preview!
As this posts, Amanda is on her way back from a long weekend in Wisconsin (pictures are sure to come), and Jayme is still in a bit of a post-vacation coma.  We'll get back into the swing of things tomorrow for sure!


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  1. Pretty, I love that first skirt! I know how you feel. I'm trying desperately to sort my wardrobe out but I can't seem to let anything go. Not even things I will never wear!



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