Friday, July 27, 2012

Modern Vintage: To The Lake

Subtle Seventies Style

As we speak, Q and Aurora and I are either on an airplane or waiting in an airport for our connecting flight to Wisconsin for a long weekend. Q's dad has a home there near a lake, which got me thinking about ideal packing for a weekend at the lake. I envisioned mixing and matching these pieces (wearing a sweater over the maxi dress for a cool evening or the crochet top as a bathing suit cover up for day. So many great layering pieces!). I started brainstorming with a neutral color palette and a few pops of color in mind, and went with a light, laidback 70s vibe: a maxi dress, midi skirt, statement tee, flowy tank, oversized sunglasses, and an oversized printed bag (my top pick--I may get it for myself as a reward for...well...anything). Oh, and a pair of classic Vans (which became popular in the later 70s, did you know?) for boat rides--gotta have a rubber sole so you don't slip and fall in!

See something you like? SHOP THE LOOK (everything is under $50, once again!): 

 Have a great weekend, everyone! We'll be back on Monday.


1 comment:

  1. Why do I love this style and time period so much? And great minds think alike. I have those Dolce Vita sandals.



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