Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Outfit Post: Blitzed

I am a pretty busy person. Busier than I'd like to be sometimes. I have three part time jobs and a full time job (as a mom).  So even though I am social and love people, I don't get out very much.  I'd rather spend my free time with my husband and my daughter--I can tell how much I have changed because even 3 or 4 years ago, I would have been telling you how, in my ideal world, I would still have events to go to and my husband and I would have very separate lives and interests, but also overlapping ones, but...we're one of those couples.  We're in luuuuuuuuv.  And Aurora is awesome, and I hate missing any of the cool stuff she does.

So, okay, I confess, I am a suburban mom now. I am not ashamed.

But I still like to dress up and meet new people, and so, along with Katie, I stepped out of my homey comfort zone to attend the first blogger event I've attended in a long time(Blogger Blitz DC) .  And this is what I wore (trying  to momentarily hide/forget the fact that I am 30 and a mom, since most of the people at this event were under 25, living fabulous DC lives with shopping budgets and city apartments):

 Outfit details:  tank-Urban Outfitters, belt-vintage, 1950s full skirt-vintage via greatest friend on Etsy, shoes-Blowfish via, hair bow-vintage bowtie, necklace-30th bday gift from Katie, earrings-H&M

I have finally settled into my style. I know what I love, I know what looks good on me, I have a pretty regular hair and makeup regimen, and I have particular places I shop and hunt for inspiration.  I am (most of the time) comfortable in my own (tattooed) skin. 

 But let me be honest: I still felt like an outsider at this event, wearing "old" clothes, wondering what my two year old was doing at the moment (and trying not to text Q every 15 minutes), drinking an Allagash White instead of sipping a glass of, I'm not 20 anymore, and maybe I'm not really DC, but for a few hours, it was almost pretty to think so.



  1. I love that outfit! Looks perfect for a humid summer day around here!

  2. It was so good to meet you on Sunday! I hope you'll come out to more events around town.

    Oh, and I'm not under 25, if it makes you feel better. ;)

    1. Thank you so much, good to meet you too, and I hope I didn't come off like a jerk here! I still feel like I'm 25 a lot of days, but I also have a very 30-year-old mom/wife life too, so it can be a tough balance.

      Thanks for stopping by the blog! xo

  3. I did not get to actually meet you at the Blogger Blitz even though I wanted to. I was just terribly shy. Funny thing was I felt the opposite, being 20 I thought everyone was older than me. But, I really like your blog and your vintage shop. I'll have to do a post on my favorite things from your site :)

    1. Shannon, I am so bummed we didn't chat, but this makes me so happy! I haven't even had time to follow up with people or blogs, but now I will keep up with you!

      Maybe we will meet again, if I decide to try another event! ;)

      Hope you're having a great week, and thanks for this comment--made my day! xo



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