Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Street Style: Miskabelle Copycats

As you know, a passion of ours is to recreate looks we see across the internet, using Miskabelle pieces.  We've done it with celebrities, we've done it with pieces from our favorite stores, and now, we are going to recreate a couple looks seen on some fashion forward style bloggers.

First up we have Keiko Lynn.  In my eyes, she is the master of layering.  She just knows how to put together seemingly mismatched pieces in a way that makes them look rich and interesting.  Case and point-- a floral dress and an aztec style cardigan.

Our version is a bit more muted, but has the same feel of a 90s style floral dress and a printed cardigan (ours is not belted but would look great with a simple leather belt at the waist!).   Miskabelle dress- $30 and cardigan- $42  .  See Keiko's look HERE.

Next is a look from The Styling Dutchman.  I am always unsure of how to wear these vintage circle skirts in a way that looks more casual and young.  Pairing it with a vintage tee is perfect!  Such an inspired look.
We used brown tones in our version.  This skirt is still up for grabs in the shop, but you'll have to pair it with a vintage t-shirt from your own collection because this one is no longer available! Miskabelle skirt, $23 . See The Styling Dutchman's original post HERE.

And there you have it!  Another successful adventure in copycat styling using pieces from our Miskabelle collection.


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