Monday, February 13, 2012

Shop Preview: Woven Shoes

Am I jumping the gun, listing woven/sandal-like shoes in February?  Maybe.  But I'm hoping Spring will hear my cries and come quick!

1-- Pretty amazing black woven brogues (animal friendly).  These are the kind of shoes that I always LOVE on other people but feel silly wearing them myself.  Very Alexa Chung.  (size 7 but seem to run a bit small)

2--Classic huarache sandals.  The third pair I've found in my size, loved and wanted to keep, and then put in the shop anyway.  I just can't justify keeping these around till summer (and maybe I think the universe will continue sending size 6.5 huarache sandals my way so I can pass these along to some lucky girl).

3--Rounded toe, small wooden heel, ankle strap.  A sort of sandal, a sort of shoe....AND I just tried them on to figure out the size since it wasn't labeled...and they are so cute and perfect looking--you know how some shoes just have a great shape to them?   A little big on me, so I will guess a 7.5 (narrow).

There you have it!  These woven lovelies are coming to the shop this week (along with a few other goodies).


1 comment:

  1. You have a fine taste with those woven shoes that you have there. I wish there'd be clarks shoes for sale soon so I could look for cute woven shoes too.



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