Friday, February 10, 2012

Celebrity Looks for Less: Elizabeth Olsen

Can someone please just wave a magic wand and make me look like Elizabeth Olsen...please?
I must admit, I have always had a girl crush on Mary-Kate and Ashley (ever since I had the singalong video they put out and would belt along to songs like "Peanut Butter and Jelly" and "I Wanna Be President"--when I was probably too old to be watching it...).  But their sister Elizabeth?  Be still my heart. Not only is she gorgeous, but her style is more that of a "real girl" (unlike her sisters' over-the-top, wearing everything but the kitchen sink signature looks).  She definitely has that "vintage" feel to her (designer) outfits.  Some of which are reminiscent to pieces from our shop!  Take a look:

This ivory dress is from her sisters' line, The Row.  Not sure about the choice of footwear...but other than that? PERFECTION.  The dress from our shop is sleeveless but has that same cropped top overlay and delicate beading.

Girly pleated skirt, and menswear blazer?  Seems like a mismatch but looks pretty darn amazing together.  The skirt from our shop is silk, with a quirky print (and while it's not in the blue color scheme of Elizabeth's, I could totally see her wearing it).

Ok.  Now that I've embarrassed myself with all this swooning (and the admission of my penchant for Mary-Kate and Ashley singalong videos), I will wish you all a happy weekend!  And don't forget to check out our $5 bin we've recently added--maybe you'll find something you've been eyeing has been marked down?


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