Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Outfit Post: Be Mine

Happy Valentine's to you!  Sorry to those of you who saw the title of this post and thought that I was extending an invitation to be my Valentine.  Not only am I already taken (love you Andrew!) but I was actually talking to the sweater I'm wearing in these photos.  You know, it's not often that I find something vintage that I love and KEEP.  Most of the good stuff I put into the shop to sell (lucky you!).  But after posting this United Colors of Benetton 90s cropped sweater I realized it actually looked quite sad on the dress form in the photos.  And it had a small snag on the one arm that I hadn't noticed when I bought it.  So I figured the chances of it selling are quite slim.  And I realized it was the perfect opportunity to keep this gem all to myself.  So to the "deactivated" archives it went, and then immediately pulled on over my chambray top.  Mine, all mine.  : )


Time to bust out the faux fur coat...

Hope you all get lots of flowers and candy for Valentine's Day!  If not, why not take solace in a purchase of some new-to-you vintage good-ness?


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