Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Outfit Post: Reds

Red lips are still my favorite little indulgence. They make me feel a little vintage-y, even if my outfit is not. They are so glamorous!  When I wear something red, I can't help but put on my favorite lipstick.

This is another cozy outfit for winter--I have been living in these Gap jeans (thanks, Jayme!) with boots and sweaters and of course, my favorite scarf.  I found this sweater while thrifting this week, and may hoard it for myself at least a little while.

sweater-vintage, tee-random, jeans (perfect boot)-Gap, scarf-thrifted, boots-vintage, purse-vintage

This was a Sunday-errands look. Although I'm a major skirt and dress lover, I have been trying to find a selection of jeans I don't hate to improve my casual wardrobe since that's the wardrobe I go to most of the time during the week (running to the post office, blogging, chasing after Aurora). I need to add a few more basics, but first:  on the hunt for an amazing 30th birthday dress. I think it's gonna be impossible--but I'll keep you posted!



  1. Are they new perfect boots from Gap? They keep changing their fits, but I usually have luck with Gap and desperately need new ones.

    BTW you look adorable!

  2. You look beautiful friend!! Rock those red lips!!

  3. @ the lovely Allie. Thank you so much! And yes, they're new perfect boots...a lot of stretch and kin of lightweight. The dark color is the best.

    @ the lovely Rici. Thank you friend! Gotta work it. ;)



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