Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Outfit Post: Thrifty Finds

My first outfit post of the new year consists of two of my favorite thrifted finds.  One is vintage, one is not and both were found for me by Amanda.

Let's talk vintage first.
Who doesn't LOVE finding the perfect vintage western snap front shirt?  In my experience they are usually too big (men's sizes) or too.....western.  This one fits to perfection and has just the right amount of 70s cowboy appeal.  I wish you could see more of it in the photos but I decided to go a little Cher Horowitz (is anyone keeping track of how many 1990's movies/TV shows I've referenced on this blog?*) and pair it with a cropped vneck sweater.  I wish the proportions were a little more exaggerated (like with really long shirt tails).

Next up, the non-vintage, thrift find of the century:  Frye Villager boots, Amanda bought FOR $3.50!
Frye makes THE best boots and I have been coveting a pair ever since I can remember.  Did I mention, I have the best sister ever?

If this isn't proof enough that we are amazing thrift-ers, check out the shop for more of our recent [vintage] finds!


*the 90s movie I'm referencing is Clueless.  Love this video Every Outfit Alicia Silverstone Wears in Clueless in Less Than 60 Seconds!  Find the outfit I'm talking about at 44 seconds!

1 comment:

  1. So congrats, because this post caused me to purchase the red and green camp shirt. hahaha Your marketing works!! I think Kam and I need to start posting pics of us wearing our necklaces more often...

    I loved your hair long, I loved your hair short...somehow I think I love it even more at this length. This length always looks awkward and too "in between" on me somehow, but it looks great on you!

    Oh, and we love "Clueless" - we have a quote from it on our blog. "She's my friend because we both know what it's like for people to be jealous of us." heehee



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