Monday, January 9, 2012

Shop Preview: Bundle Up

Just now, there's a pretty snow falling outside our picture window.  I am never a fan of freezing cold weather, but there's just something about a snowfall.  As temperatures fall, here are some pieces on their way into the shop that will keep you (or your little ones!) nice and toasty:

 1.  1960s Wool Coat 2. 1970s Poncho  3. 1970s Faux Fur 4. 1980s Plaid Wool Blazer
1. 1970s Plaid Fuzzy Coat 2.  Vintage Hooded Animal Poncho 3. Kiddo Fisherman Sweater

See something you like? Don't hesitate to ask (tweet, message, convo, email, etc.)!  Back to staring out the window...


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