Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Celebrity Looks for Less: The Long and Short of It

I feel like maxi skirts and dresses seem so easy for summer months.  Pair with sandals and you're done.  But I haven't ever tried anything floor length during the winter...because I was confused as to HOW.  In my search for answers I came up with one conclusion--pair the long with the short (so, the opposite of what Cake had in mind*)--a maxi dress/skirt looks adorable under a cropped jacket.  Here's how the celebs do it (Rachel Bilson just happened to end up being both my examples because she, is like, the queen of all things maxi--eh, maybe I shouldn't word it that way?  ha.) and how YOU can do it too, using pieces from the Miskabelle shop!

I think both these looks would work with black boots hidden underneath.
The Miskabelle pieces are all for sale in the shop now!


*..because Cake wants "a girl with a short skirt and long jacket".

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