Thursday, September 22, 2011

Outfit Post: Buttoned Up

I'm not gonna lie...having my blog roll bombarded with photos from the shows at New York Fashion Week was rather disappointing.  Runway shows are decidedly less exciting when seen through still photos from someone's iPhone.  I did however love seeing many of the street style posts that were shared.  For some reason "real" style is just so much more inspiring to me.  One resounding trend that I saw and wanted to try was the button up shirt, all the way buttoned up.

I love the detail along the front of this shirt and contrasting cuffs and collar.  It will be for sale the shop soon, just fyi!  I wish I had layered more necklaces with it though, because the two that I have on don't really pop enough.  

blouse-vintage, jeans-Tyler Skye, shoes-vintage, purse and scarf-vintage

My little bag is a crochet purse from the 40s--a birthday gift from my lovely friend Sandi!  I added the leopard-ish print scarf to break up all the black and white.  The shoes?  Also for sale in the shop!  Patent leather with an oversized bow... so cute.

And lastly, I must address my hair.  Bye bye long locks.  I love this haircut (photos above I just let it air dry which didn't do it much justice).  I must admit though, I miss my long hair.  It was such a great security blanket and made me feel attractive.  So I'm still in the mourning stage...but I think I am going to like having this shorter hair. As a mom, it is like, a bajillion times more practical.  I just need to learn how to style it as pretty as the day I got it cut (and left the salon feeling like a million bucks), then I will post some better photos.



  1. I have to agree about the NY Fashion Week photos....I'd much rather see personal style pics.
    Love the blouse!

  2. it seems like nearly everyone has been cutting their hair short on blogs!!! You're the 5th one this month I've seen!

    Anyway you look lovely and I agree that real people's fashion is always nicest.

  3. Yep...I'm lovin the hair! I think it's a great change-up for fall. And hair grows back, so you're not locked (pun intended, hehe) in permanently!

    This is a really classic look that stays modern and fresh with those skinny jeans. Love it!



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