Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Past and Future

Just a little shop update/preview...Jayme and I are going to be working from out-of-town so we've been saving photos and descriptions to slowly update the shop day by day.  We had a fantastic shopping weekend, and these are just some of the gems we found.

Recently Added 
navy flats (sz 9), red boater hat, oversized sunglasses, suede dancing heels (sz 5)

 Coming Soon
Diane Freis multiprint dress, 60s sweet sailor dress, floral peasant top, rainbow tote

We try to get a variety of styles and items from different decades into our shop, but we mostly try to focus on trends that are happening right now.  Could this piece be brought into 2011?  If we think so, then we add it to our inventory. A lot of the pieces we buy also obviously reflect our personal style. Would I wear that?  If I can say yes, then we add it to our inventory.  Our shop is an eclectic mix, but we like it that way!  There's something for everyone.

As always, let us know if you see something you like in advance, or have questions!


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