Thursday, July 21, 2011

Outfit Post: Blue Valentine

I swear I will stop titling my blogs after colors (probably) after this post.  I usually just put the first title that comes to mind.  Also, Blue Valentine (the movie) has been on my mind because it's next on our Netflix queue once we finish Season 3 of True Blood. But with all the Netflix drama, I'm not sure how long we'll subscribe....

But back to my outfit. I adore this vintage dress. It fits perfectly, it's simple, and the color really stands out. You can't go wrong with a belted shirt dress! It was another steamy day in Virginia. Bangs are not good on steamy days because they get all sweaty, and sweaty bangs lead to forehead zits, which leads to hiding the forehead zits with your bangs, which leads to more forhead zits...a vicious cycle. (Is it only me?)  So I've been doing a lot of headband/head scarf action.  (Love this tutorial from Keiko Lynn!)

dress-vintage, silk head scarf-vintage, sunglasses-UO, wedges-Nine West (thrifted)

Even though I've cut off some old jeans, I still hate shorts. It's not only that I don't look good in them (I don't), but I also just don't find them comfortable.  Thus, I will be living in my vintage and thrifted dress and skirt collection (and a few modern ones), so expect to see more...leg.  But not sausage legs bunched into ill-fitting cut offs. It's just not cute.

Keep cool, friends! I am trying, even though it is 100 degrees here in NC. Thank goodness for working A/C and a pool!



  1. The scarf looks adorable on you. My forehead is too big---thus I'll always need bangs :(

  2. Ohhh...I feel like my forehead is a little high. Some days I love bangs and some days I don't. You're so sweet! xo

  3. Love the scarf, love the dress! I have been wanting to chop off my hair and get a sassy do with bangs after the wedding, but it will definitely need to wait until this heat is over. We sure picked the hottest time of the year to move haha!

    Hope you're doing well in NC and we'll for sure make plans to meet up when you are back in town!

  4. You look so 50s chic!! That dress is a really flattering cut, and the color is so pretty. I've been thinking I needed to investigate various headbandage methods :), and I really like this completely works with the outfit and has that relaxed-but-chic look like, "Oh, I always look this good because it's effortless!" Love it.

    I love 1) True Blood and 2) Netflix. Despite price increases, I must admit they have us hook, line, and sinker, with no hope of cutting loose. We're even thinking of canceling our cable; every time we turn on the TV and look for something to watch, we inevitably end up switching to Netflix instant instead. I have to have the DVDs too, though, so I don't miss anything that's not on instant!

  5. You look lovely. How could you not tell me about this headscarf business?! I love! And will be trying. Thanks for pointing out the tutorial.

  6. You look gorgeous. What a perfect color for you!



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