Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Outfit Post: Lady in Red

Jayme and I took dance classes (tap, ballet, and jazz) for many years growing up.  The highlight was always, of course, the big dance recital, complete with spandex, sequined costumes.  One of the most fun parts--besides getting to dress up and dance--was watching the older girls dance!  They were so pretty!  They were so cool!  They were so good at dancing! And they had the best costumes...in particular, I remember a ballet number to Chris DeBurgh's Lady in Red (whisper it with me now:  cheek to cheek).  I can't wear red without hearing that song.  And this skirt, while not polyester or spandex, brings back those moments in the dark of the Ford City High School auditorium. Maybe because it's most likely from that same decade? It looks like something my mom probably wore...and yet, I love it.

tank-Target, belt-vintage, skirt-vintage, shoes-vintage, rings/bracelets-random & gifts

I found the belt, skirt, and shoes all in one thrift. They seemed destined to be together. These floral cork wedges are like new, but vintage!  Unfortunately, they're a little snug on my toes. But my loss is your gain! They'll be coming to the shop soon, along with a lot more amazing stuff from our weekend (and other things I've been hoarding or forgetting to photograph).

Summer is slow.  We're lucky if we have 5 sales a week (sometimes we'd have that many in one day!), so it's been pretty tough on us. We feel like we're working harder, but not accomplishing anything. And it's not like this is our fun money...our businesses are what Jayme does for a living now (and me too, when I'm not doing other part time jobs to pay all my bills!).  This isn't meant to be a pity party, but if you've been eyeing anything in the shop, we'd really like to make some more sales this month and know our work is not in vain!



  1. Oh my goodness, dance recitals!! I remember them all too well! haha.think: purple spandex leotard with rainbow sequins on the front, complete with purple tutu , not worn around the waist...oh no, but stitched onto the bum so it flops around while we danced!!!hahahahaha. If only my parents took more pictures...

    I love this look. I've been trying to get into more midi skirts lately buts it's so hard when you're a shorty!!

    Have a great summer,a nd hope that the sales pick up for you ladies!


  2. aww, sorry you don't get to sell too much in a week. If you ever want anyone to "model" for you, I am borrowing outfits from people and shops to spread awareness on human trafficking and because I haven't bought any clothes since April as a part of that. . .so I would photograph and send them back for anything in my size.

    I love this red skirt! it looks beautiful on you!!

  3. @Mel We have so many embarrassing pictures from those years! I do love the look of this midi skirt, but I think it would be a maxi on you. ;)

    @Victoria We'd love to support you! Take a look in the shop and see if there's anything that looks good!

  4. Oh I LOVE this skirt on you! And love how you styled it too. My mom had skirts like that, but she paired with loose rayon challis camp shirts and slingback pumps, not sassy and fresh like this!

  5. @Allie Thank you! It's an honor to receive compliments on looks from my fave bloggers!!! xo



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