Thursday, June 30, 2011

What to Wear: Fourth of July

I know I'm not the only one looking forward to a three day weekend.  I'm also not the only who who maybe wants to partake in a little patriotism (i.e. wearing red, white and blue) without looking like this:

image via

So I put together two cute, casual, head-to-toe vintage outfits for the celebration of our Nation.  One outfit is for day (which is sure to be a hot one here in VA) and the other is for evening (or a cooler climate, like in some Northwestern states I know).  Either one would be great for an inevitable picnic/BBQ on Monday. And the best part?  These outfits are both under $100.

TOTAL for this look:  $70.  BOOM.

TOTAL for this look:  $96.

Holiday or not, these outfits are a steal! We make saving money look good. I think that some big company has a similar tagline, but for us, it's the cross-your-heart and hope-to-die Truth. And that's the stuff of America (or is that Amer-cuh?).

Enjoy the day, American friends!



  1. I REALLY wanted to buy this gingham dress. I actually have a blue gingham shirt that I wear every year on the 4th of July and sometimes I sing "Yankee Doodle Dandy" (not joking, unfortunately), but I think it's too big for a 5'2 shortie. Sigh. Love the outfit, though!

  2. It would be a great look on you, but I think you're right, short stack. It would fall at an awkward place. ;)

    Hope you enjoy the holiday, with lots of food and love!


  3. Okay, you cracked me up twice in this post - at the beginning with that picture and at the end with Amer-cuh. lol

    I love how you put outfits from your shop together. You have a true knack for what you do! If only that adorable gingham dress would fit my preggo belly! ;)



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