Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Things on the Way

It's been a little while since we blogged...we're brainstorming up some new ideas and keeping busy with our many (many!) orders. Thank you so much to all our encouraging friends, readers, and supporters!  It looks like April may be our best selling month yet, and for that, we are so grateful. :)

Took advantage of yesterday's summer light to get some photos of items coming to the shop in the next day or two!  See something you like?  Let us know!

Red Pleated Silk Christian Dior, Khaki Button-Front Pocket Skirt, Floral Grunge Maxi Skirt, 60s Velvet and Lace Panel Maxi Skirt, Brown Floral Maxi Skirt, White Hot Leather Mini Skirt (genuine 80s!)

Brown Embroidered Full Skirt (amazing!), Bright Black Cotton Elastic Waist Skirt or Tube Dress (as style), Turquoise Print One Button Blazer, Black and Beige Print Palazzo Pants

These items (and more!) will be on sale soon...we've already added more this week.  Have you checked out the shop recently?  You should!

Stay tuned for some more Spring Trends blogs, outfit posts, Splurge and Steals, and more!


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