Monday, January 17, 2011

LUST LUST LUST: Snowflakes

I have only seen two or three small snowfalls this year in Virginia.  After years and years of living in central Pennsylvania, I had embraced the warmer winters of the south, but I'm surprising even myself by confessing:  I miss snow.

These lust-worthy, vintage, snowflake-themed Etsy finds are giving me a little comfort on this gray Monday...and I don't even have to heave a shovel over my shoulder!  WIN.

1. Adele Simpson 1960s Sweater Dress, dollydressshop, $168
2. Embroidered Gingham Apron, nichestyle, $14.99
3.  50s Party Dress, deomas, $125

1. Open pocket cardigan, roseabove, 427
2. Turtleneck sweater, PurpleDeerVintage, $24
3.  Pink johnny collar sweater, audreyrosempls, $12 (steal!)

1. Slouchy sweater with toggle buttons, StuckOnVintage  (they also win my award for most beautiful Etsy photography--be sure to check them out!), $35
2.   Hooded cape, storybookvintage, SOLD (last night before I could post! I know a good find.)
3.  Fringed button-up poncho, losvaqueros, $20

Winter Weather Accessories
These are some of my favorite keep-warm vintage accessories.

1. Pink knit bow scarf, ItsBella, $14
2.  1940s Fur hat, VintagePerspective, $26
3.  Heeled 70s snow boots, storybookvintage, $48

Until next Monday when my lusts are again revealed,


  1. What great wintery finds! Thanks for sharing my vintage hand knit scarf! xoxox

  2. Your selections make me want to cuddle up in a warm and cozy place! Thanks for including the snowflake dress!

  3. Lovely dear! Is it bad that I want all your findings as well? Thanks for the feature <3

  4. Awww... Thank you for including our item and for the amazing compliment. I will for sure pass this down to my photographer :) You can see all of her awesome work at:

  5. LOVE the hooded cape as well! Too bad it already sold- definitely a good find! Excellent blog by the way, great read for a winter Monday. Thank you for including us =)

  6. Thanks for posting my hooded cape! I can't believe it sold right before you posted :) More to list soon... I'm literally drowning in vintage inventory, and it doesn't help when I keep finding amazing new things for myself (I LOVE that slouchy sweater you featured!)

    Awesome blog! XO, meghan



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