Saturday, January 15, 2011

Guest Post: Brenda of The Funky Junkie

We're excited to have another fashionable, thrifty blogger writing for the blog this week!  Meet our friend Brenda, who has lovingly deemed herself "The Funky Junkie." We asked her to share some of her favorite thrifted treasures with us. She's also getting married this summer and working with a DIY/vintage aesthetic--can't wait to see how it turns out!  She could not be more adorable.

My name is Brenda, and I’m a bargain addict.
When I was a kid, much to my mortification my dad used to drag me to auctions, into the Goodwill store, and even worse, antique shops. I hated the way the stores smelled, and was grossed out by the used hats, plates, bras, and jewelry haphazardly laying around. What if someone from school saw us poking around in someone else’s junk? However, I realized that my dad got some kind of thrill out of searching through this so-called ‘junk’ to find great things at a cheap price.

I don’t remember when exactly my fascination with those ‘junky shops’ began. I’ve always wanted to have a unique style, and in high school I started shopping at Goodwill because I realized that I could buy clothes there that I knew no one else would have. I discovered the vintage shop in our small town and became addicted to the outlandish and funky jewelry. I started to find the same thrill in going to antique shops as my dad, experiencing the rush of finding gems among junk. Soon, people began to notice my knack for finding the cutest clothes at Goodwill and wanted me to take them shopping!

Now, I am a full-fledged bargain addict and thrive on decorating my life in unique (and super cheap!) pieces. And to prove it, I want to share with you some of my favorite thrifting finds!

Not only is most of my jewelry thrifted, but I also found this fantastic cookie stand at a garage sale that I use to display it all!

This is one of my favorite fall coats. I found it at the State College Goodwill a couple years ago, and just days after I bought it, I saw Sarah Jessica Parker wearing almost the exact same thing in an issue of Glamour. I'm willing to bet she paid a little more for hers than I did for mine.

Not only can you thrift great clothes and jewelry, you can also find fun ways to decorate your home! My mom found this at an antique store for me, and it's hanging in my apartment kitchen. Too cute.

I love, love, love this 70's maxi dress. I found it (and the earrings!) at Something Old, Something New, a FABULOUS vintage shop in Kill Devil Hills, NC. It was also the dress I was wearing when I got engaged in September. :-)

And speaking of weddings...I got a great deal on a wedding dress...

HA! Just kidding!

All you need is a couple bucks, some creativity, and a whole lot of patience. Happy thrifting everyone!

Thanks so much for sharing, Bren!  Check out Brenda's awesome little blog here.

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