Friday, May 7, 2010

Virtual Vintage: Spotlight on Rose Red Winter

We came across the lovely Kellie Jo of Rose Red many months ago in an inspiration post I wrote about fall trends done vintage-style.  She was modeling a navy plaid dress and looked exactly like her fairytale namesake, with her perfect jet black hair and rosey-red lips.

Her vintage shop carries a variety of things, but seems to specialize in dresses.  I happen to be obsessed with dresses, so it was the perfect match!  Below, I chose six of my favorites, in varying styles.  I want them all--and I could afford this whole dress wardrobe without selling my soul because her prices are also so reasonable! (I am a bargain shopper to the core, another reason I love thrifting so much.)

Besides these awesome finds, Rose Red also features a variety of upcycled fashions, one of a kind pieces with sweet, whimsical touches like hearts and flowers.  And on top of that, Rose Red has recently opened a new shop for her handmade accessories that are equally adorable.

Come next payday, I have my eye (and dollars) on Rose Red! 

If you have a shop you'd like us to check out and feature, drop us an email (miskabelle at gee mail dot com) or DM us on Twitter @miskabelle.

Stay gorgeous,

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