Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our Favorite Fall Vintage Trends, Courtesy of Etsy Vintage Shops!

Is July really the last time I blogged?! Yikes. I'm sorry. I'm sure all you've been impatiently waiting for the next installment of fashionable wisdom! Well, now that life is more in the groove, I expect to keep up.

Let's start with some quick updates: Miskabelle is six months old! We've had 130 sales and continue to sell regularly. We had an amazing fall photo shoot with professional photos, and are planning our next shoot in a few weeks (just in time for holiday shopping!). This weekend we are having a birthday party at J's home where our new office/showroom is located--complete with cocktails and cupcakes, goodie bags, raffles, and of course, SHOPPING! We'll give you the rundown (and some inevitably adorable pics!) in the next blog.

Today's matter of business: Fall Trends, inspired by vintage. I'm sharing five of my favorite trends for this season, with example items from 10 different Etsy vintage sellers (we wanted to spread the Etsy love with some shout-outs to our fellow vintage-fashionistas! The online biz is NOT easy! We need all the publicity we can get).

Favorite Fall Trends, Vintage-Inspired

1. Granny Booties

The word "granny" doesn't always conjure up fashion (granny panties, anyone?), but int he case of this fall's hottest footwear, you have permission to search your own grandmother's closet! Lace-up booties are showing up
in all varieties, from riding-inspired to Victorian. We love how they look paired up with cuffed or cropped menswear trousers or thick, patterned tights and a-line skirts and dresses. The funky black pair featured here is from Pascal Vintage and the gorgeous red pair is from Twenty20 Vintage.

2. Fur A delicate subject matter here...I don't want PETA
blood-spattering our blog. I will state my place: I love animals. I also eat them. I don't believe we should be cruel to them, but I also don't think wearing vintage fur is a sin. Because it's so soft and warm and it looks so good! But there are also many faux fur options for the more squeamish, Earth-loving fashionistas out there. We are loving cropped and vest versions--as a matter of fact, I just purchased a big faux fuzzy black vest that makes every outfit (black stretchy pants and a soft gray tee, currently) look GLAM. White jacket can be found at Furburger and the fabulous patchwork vest at Lucky Vintage Seattle.

3. Plaid
A trend for all seasons and for every style and body-type, we're seeing plaid all over the place: purses, skirts, dresses, blouses, even shoes! Wear a little or a lot--we are digging the colorful tartan prints and schoolgirl-inspired looks seen here at Mousevox (paired with yellow top and kneesocks) and RoseRedWinter(the gorgeous Snow White lookalike!).

4. Capes/Capelets
This is one of my personal favorite outerwear trends, being I have a little bun in the oven due in February, and I will be too huge for regular winter coats this year! But it's more than just a case of fashion convenience--capes are elegant and capelets are a fantastic alternative to the outdated sweater shrug for cool autumn evenings. I also hesitate to say it, but a fashion magazine I recently read had a feature on PONCHOS coming back this season as well! I'm still traumatized from the poncho trend return five years or so ago (they were cheap and overly fringey), but these versions are classier and much more cape-like (and you can find some awesome 70s versions on Etsy if you just search PONCHO!). We adored this little capelet from Magpie and Birdie and a fantastic full cape (in another trend: plaid!) from Old Age.

5. Tuxedo Jackets
Blazers are still everywhere this season, but the tuxedo jacket (especially the cropped version we feature here from Ophelia Vintage) is a fashion-forward update. We love the lapels, broad shoulders, and touch of silkiness. The perfect cover up for a night out on the town, whether with jeans or a sparkly, fun cocktail dress. Renouveau Clothing also shows us how to dress down the trend oh-so-chicly with faded skinny denim.

Whoever you are, you CAN do vintage! I think a lot of people this of vintage as costumey, but everyone knows that what goes around comes around: fashion is cyclical. If you see it on the runway, it's probably been done before (if it hasn't, it's probably not wearable for a regular human being). Vintage fashion is a fantastic way to develop a personal style that is one-of-a kind! So check out these Etsy shops, and of course Miskabelle and do some treasure-hunting!!

Now, time to price a huge pile of vintage jewelry for this weekend's soiree! Yay!

Stay gorgeous,


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