Friday, July 17, 2009

Spring and By Summer Fall

Up here in Pennsylvania, the sun is setting later, but the evenings are getting chillier. It's only mid-July, but already I've started dreaming of my favorite season: autumn. Leaves crunching underfoot, that campfire smell, jeans, back-to-school anticipation. And of course, back-to-school SHOPPING!

Right now, Miskabelle is running a SUMMER SALE: almost all of our summer items are 50% off. We know times are hard. I'm moving back home for a while (at 27! ugh. But excited to centralize our business in one city/state.) and J and her hubby just bought their first home (yay! We will even have a room devoted just to Miskabelle!). Money is tight--and it's probably the same for most of you. It seems like nothing's free these days....except for this blog, which will show you some awesome ways to stretch your summer wardrobe into fall.

Transitioning Hot Summer into Cool Fall

The Sleeveless Blouse

Once the air gets a little cooler, bare arms need
some coverage.
We paired this sleeveless blouse with skinny denim and boots, a long cardigan and hat--slouchy, earthy, and comfortable. Perfect for a weekend in the country checking out the trees' changing colors.

The Grunge Tunic Top
This top is hip and perfect for summer with its cut-off sleeves, but we layered it over another top and some tights and boots for fall. The hat is our final touch for those chilly fall evenings out at the football game or party. This displays the key element to the summer-->fall transition: layers are essential. They keep you warm and they look so put-together.

The Miniskirt

A tucked-in tank and a miniskirt is a perfect outfit for hot, hot summ
er days.Add a tee, long blazer, and some booties, though, and you have a totallynew look for the fall. You could also do this look with tights once the weather gets too cold for bare legs.

The Floral Shift

This is the perfect upscale summer garden party dress.

Wearing pastels in the fall is NOT a faux pas! We layered a scarf, blazer, and belt over this dress for an eclectic, bohemian look. The dress was the perfect centerpiece for the outfit. And instead of open-toe, pastel sandals, we paired them with closed-toe pumps to walk through the leaves.

The Sundress

You can still wear your favorite lightweight summer dress through the fall. We added an equestrian blazer and boots (very IN for fall!) and some tights and it became a completely different outfit! It's all about covering up, but keeping it sexy too: sexy doesn't have to mean showing copious amounts of skin! Thank goodness.

Top Five Tips to Take Away:
1. Replace sandals with boots or closed-toe heels or flats.
2. Pair darker neutrals with pastels and summer brights for a more polished, season-appropriate look.
3. Layer long sleeve tees under sleeveless tops or pull on cardigans over them.
4. A blazer is a quick and fashionable fall addition to a summer dress.
5. Hats and scarves are easy fall accessories to spruce up (and warm up!) your summer duds.

So there's the SALE going on...and we've posted a few new things to the site (dresses to die for)...and gave you a ton of ideas to transition into fall (it'll come sooner than you think). So what's keeping you from shopping?! Sorry we have been pretty M.I.A. (sometimes life gets in the way of fashion...and that's okay! If it was the other way around, we'd be shallow) but we PROMISE we're back in the game and will be bringing the best end of summer and fall vintage fashions straight to you. Yay!

Stay gorgeous,

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